Mobile Healthcare Apps Are Playing a Crucial Role in Educating the Public About Covid-19

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One thing came out positively of the Covid-19 scare: mobile healthcare apps. Before the pandemic, mobile app developers were focused on games and photo editing apps. When you open the App Store or Play Store, you’ll find thousands of mobile applications created for games and other types of entertainment. This is not the case for healthcare apps. Somehow, app developers did not prioritize these healthcare apps even as they play such a crucial role in society.

In a way, the coronavirus pandemic highlighted this need for health-focused mobile apps. In fact, some apps are even going so far as monitoring the capacities of nearby hospitals in your area. This feature will tell you how overwhelmed the health sector is as the app developers plan on linking mobile apps to medical air compressors such as ventilators so that medical practitioners can monitor the patients’ health even when they are not in the hospital.

Covid-19 Tracker

Several Covid-19 tracker apps are currently available for download depending on where you are. These apps are designed to alert you if you have been in close contact with a Covid-19 positive case. They also give you advice about what to do if you have symptoms. The apps remind users to protect themselves by wearing a face mask, bringing sanitizer, and washing their hands regularly.

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Online Fitness Apps

The pandemic finally made people realize how important it is to stay fit and healthy. That’s why there was a sudden surge in downloading online fitness apps. You can pick the fitness regimen that you can commit to. Some routines can be done in as fast as 20 minutes. Some routines last for an hour.

These apps will also track your diet. You can enter the meals you consumed every day, so the app can track if you’re following a balanced diet. They will alert the users if they are off-track.

Medicine Delivery

Since people are quarantining at home, many of them can’t even go out to fill up their prescriptions. Health-based apps can link to your nearest pharmacy and fill up those prescription medicines for you. All you have to do is enter the pertinent details such as your insurance information, so the pharmacist can process your request and deliver your medicines.


Finally, the most important health-based mobile app right now is telemedicine. The app allows you to set a virtual appointment with a doctor. You can consult with the doctor via teleconferencing services such as Zoom and Skype. More than that, the telemedicine app can also act as a triage, which will determine the severity of your symptoms and your need to consult with a doctor or go straight to the emergency room.

These mobile apps will continue their dominance in the next few months. If you look at the App Store and Google Play Store, the most purchased and downloaded apps in the last months are these health-based apps. People have never been this insecure about their mortality, but these apps will help them understand what’s going on. This goes to show how deeply ingrained Covid-19 is in people’s lives.

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