10 Gadgets for a Futuristic Home

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As technology advances, the futuristic homes of sci-fi movies are becoming more real and accessible to us. The touch-screen control panels and voice-activated commands that we once only saw in the movies are now available for us to purchase for our homes. But these gadgets aren’t just cool, they’re also becoming practical, budget-friendly options for the long-term. Many of these tech innovations are energy- and resource-efficient. While some of them might be expensive to purchase, they’ll save you money in the long run. They’re also smart and programmable, turning on when you need them to and hibernating when you’re not using them.

Best of all, some of these gadgets boost your home’s real estate value. It could either boost offers to buy your house if you’re selling, or it could help you refinance your mortgage loans should you need to raise funds or shorten the terms of your existing home loan.

Here’s a list of the top home gadgets and gizmos for 2020.


We’ve all heard of energy-efficient appliances, but smart outlets are devices that can make any appliances energy-efficient. They track your energy usage to help you conserve. One example is Trickle Star’s Motion Sensor Power Strip. If the motion sensor picks up that you haven’t been in the room for 30 minutes, it will turn off the plugged-in devices to help you conserve energy. It also offers surge protection for your devices and appliances. GE’s Lighting On/Off Smart Plug, on the other hand, has the power to make any plugged-in device smart. It works with Alexa and Google Home so you can have voice-activated and remote control of your devices.

Smart lighting

Lighting is an important part of our daily lives. It can shape our mood and productivity. Smart light bulbs can be programmed to dim gradually as you settle in for the night, or brighten slowly in the morning to help you wake up. They can also be changed to whatever color you want – depending on the mood you want to set. You can pair them with a voice assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also control them remotely with a mobile application. This way, you can light up your home even when you’re away, effectively getting burglars to change their minds about breaking in.

Smart thermostats

It’s important to consider energy-efficiency with your heating and cooling systems, as these make up a sizable chunk of your electricity bills. Smart thermostats are programmable, allowing you to set automatic temperatures for different times of the day. It also offers remote control and monitoring, so you can turn your heating or cooling while you’re on your way home and come home to your ideal temperature.

Automated cleaning devices

It’s said that robots are meant for doing dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks. While cleaning the floor isn’t really a dangerous chore, it can certainly be dull and dirty. If you’ve other things to do with your time than manually handle a vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaners will get the job done for you. If there’s a spill in the kitchen you don’t have the time – or patience – to clean, robot mops are available too.

Self-watering planter

Never fail at being a plant parent with Dewplanter’s Water Generating Planter. This planter draws in moisture from the surrounding air to water your plant, generating up to 2.4 oz of clean water per hour. This is excellent for those that live in humid areas, or if you like keeping a plant or two in humid places such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Smart coffeemaker

coffee maker

The only thing better than your morning cup of coffee is voice-command-brewed coffee. A smart coffee machine can be paired with your voice assistant or controlled from your smartphone so you can have your cup of joe brewed while you’re still in bed.

Smart toothbrush

This may not be a home appliance, but it’s a gadget that helps you improve your oral health. Kolibree’s Ara toothbrush is the first that uses artificial intelligence (AI). It’s accompanied by a mobile app that collects data from your tooth brushing habits and makes it a fun game for your kids. It teaches your kids the importance of practicing good oral hygiene.

Smart security systems

Of course, all these advancements in technology wouldn’t mean anything if they couldn’t make your home safer and more secure. Smart security systems offer round-the-clock monitoring and send you alerts on your smartphone if there are any security breaches while you’re away. It also allows you to stream your security camera footage remotely.

Smart home appliances aren’t just smart in their ability to automate routine tasks. They’re also smart as investments. Smart technologies at home offer you comfort, energy-efficiency, remote control, and customization. They’re also an overall value booster for your home, which is a good thing whether you’re selling or staying.

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