Effective Ways to Outsmart an Intruder


These days, burglars don’t look as horrible as how they used to as portrayed in old movies. The truth is, they may be one of those in the crowd disguised as a neighbor or a shopper in a local grocery store. They will take time to look for clues and possible ways when they can finally break-in your house and steal something.

Here are some signs to watch out for:

A damaged window or light bulb

However classic it may sound but a burglar may be around you when somebody threw a rock at your window. This is to test whether people inside the house or neighbors would react to the sound. Most likely, they may break in if nobody reacts to a broken window.

If one of your light bulbs is not working for any strange reasons, then maybe some burglar may have unscrewed the bulb so it would stop working.

A suspicious-looking stranger walking around your block

You may be a busy person to hang out with your neighbors, but most likely, you would identify them by their faces. If you saw some stranger walking around the neighborhood, you may consider questioning who s/he really is. Consider the time of the day when you saw that individual. Is it time for jogging? If it is, then they should wear fitness clothes. If they are strolling in the neighborhood at night and displayed suspicious body language, then maybe you should call the police.

A photographer taking photos of houses in the neighborhood

Strangers who are acting suspiciously taking photos in the neighborhood may be a stalker or a burglar. They may be taking photos of houses they want to break into. It is often hard to prove that their intentions are bad, and you may be caught in a bad argument. But it is always good to investigate more.

Some person interested in your trash

Whatever you throw in the waste bin may contain important information about you, your family, and your next major activity. You may be throwing away vouchers, plane tickets, or online purchases that contain your security number, birthday, and important information that can be used for stealing. Be wary of people who are scrutinizing your trash bin. They could be burglars looking for more information about you.

Burglars are smart people. They may examine your mail, steal your dog to take away distractions, empty your car’s gas tank or be in a moving truck waiting for that perfect opportunity to steal valuable items. With this, you have to be knowledgeable on how to outsmart them.


Don’t leave clues telling the burglar that your house is empty.

Burglars don’t want to get in houses with their owners inside them. If you are on a short errand, maybe you should leave the lights in the living room. You may also keep your car parked in the driveway to give a sign that you have not left your house. A survey once found out that burglars may think of leaving the area when they saw a car in the driveway.

Always keep your doors and windows locked and secure.

Closing doors and windows should have been part of our daily routine. Yet, many people still fail to close them. Burglars say that they easily get in the house because its doors and windows are not locked anyway. Consider installing doors that automatically closed themselves. Also, consider installing an in-house access control security system. These devices only allow the fingerprints of the house’s owner.

Is your door truly secure? Try examining its material again and see if it can withstand a strong kick. One easy way to create a kick-proof door is to replace its faceplate with the ones that use three-inch stainless steel screws.

A knock on the door may be a test.

A survey once said that burglars leave the place immediately if someone answers the door. You don’t have to open the door if someone knocks on it late at night. But if you answer, at least the person outside will know that you are home.

Keep the plants on your lawn neat and trimmed.

Are you a plant person? Plants, especially shrubs, may turn into potent hiding places for burglars. Trim your shrubs around. They not only make your place much tidier but also gives you a wider view of your vicinity.

Protect yourself and your family. Be proactive and smart to think of possible situations when a burglar would break-in your house. Thinking in advance is not an act of paranoia but a defense. Keep your privacy intact and avoid revealing a lot of details about you on social media. When you are on vacation, consider getting an alarm system. At least, it will alert the neighbors that someone barge in your home. Also, hide pieces of jewelry and other valuables in the most unlikely places. Above all, consider changing your routine. A burglar may be behind you, studying your every move.

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