Using Modern Technology in Landscaping Design

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Technology has made its way in all aspects of our life, including how we design our gardens. Landscaping nowadays incorporates a lot of new technology that can both improve the design and increase sustainability. It has become a useful tool in maintaining your garden.

If you are considering getting landscaping done, you should consider these new technologies. They would make a great addition to your garden and can make your life easier. For those who are usually too busy to take care of gardens, these are great for reducing the time and effort spent on tasks.

Here are a few examples of how modern technology has improved landscaping design.

Accessible Water

One of the most challenging parts of landscaping is finding proper water systems that fit the design. It goes without saying that the trees and plants in the landscape need a source of water. Homeowners don’t always have the time to water their plants individually, so new technologies make it easier.

The most common and easiest to maintain is a sprinkler system. It is strategically located in spots where many plants can be watered, but at the same time, it won’t be too visible. Sprinklers today can even be programmed to turn on at certain times by themselves. That means that you can be away and still keep the garden-fresh and lively.

A popular option for some are fountains and small ponds. This can be a beautiful idea, but it requires diligent cleaning. Stagnant water in ponds can attract mosquitoes. Installing well pumps are also a great choice because it creates a vintage and classic look to the space. These elements are great because it gives a whole new atmosphere and makes the landscape look more natural.

Pest Control

Landscapes, especially ones that include crops and vegetation, can attract all sorts of pets. It can bring in gophers or insects that can ruin the ecological balance of the garden. They can ruin your design and force you to hire an exterminator.

Luckily, there are electronic pest control devices that you can install that will drive away pests. These are usually placed underground. What they do is create sound waves that humans cannot hear, but animals and insects can. These sounds are often high-pitched and hurt their senses, discouraging them from going near your landscape.

Not only is it discreet, but it is also safe to use. They pose absolutely no threat to people at all. These devices don’t even directly harm the pests they target. Many of them have durable lifespans and can last up to five years. You won’t need to do much maintenance.

Solar-Powered Equipment

Since maintaining gardens require extensive time outdoors, people have used this to their advantage by creating solar-powered tools that can improve your landscaping. From lighting to lawnmowers, solar technology is the latest advancement in the industry.

The most popular item used is solar-powered lights. It is a highly efficient advancement because when lights are not needed during the day, it can gather energy for the night. The best part is that there is a variety of them as well. You can choose between lanterns, spotlights, or path lights. There is something for any design.

The best thing about these is also the fact that they help you conserve energy. Maintaining a garden or landscape can be costly in itself. But solar-powered equipment can reduce your costs.

Design Software

A helpful tool that most designers are using today is landscaping software. It functions similar to architectural programs. With this, designers can now easily create a layout and modify designs. It reduces the time spent on creating designs, so they can focus on the actual output.

With these, they no longer have to do much drawing. That means if a client wants something modified, they don’t need to redo the illustration. All it takes is a bit of editing before they can show the revised ones.

Although it is an extremely useful tool, designers may need to learn a few additional web skills to be able to use it. They would need to familiarize themselves with the tools and features available, and every update of the programs would require additional learning.

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Every day, we see new technology popping up and helping our lives. The landscaping industry is not without its share of advancements. What’s great about these techs is that they help improve and maintain gardens without sacrificing design. A lot of them are subtle in appearance but contribute a lot in keeping pests away and reducing energy.

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