Using Digital Media to Sell Big, Burly, Complicated Industrial Machinery

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There is nothing less cool than manufacturing and selling big, burly, and complicated industrial machines that make anything from cars to donuts to potato chips to dolls. How does a business sell that? In the past, manufacturing companies are perfectly fine targeting businesses and industries that need these kinds of machines.

Why do they need to make consumers, for example, understand the mechanics of their products when they don’t have to buy them in the first place? Ordinary people are not the target market of these kinds of businesses.

But alas, over the years, these industries finally understood that even the general public needs to know some things. These can be how consumers understand what they’re selling and how these help in their everyday living.

The battle on social media is to raise awareness in the public sphere about the importance of these pieces of machinery in the industrial and manufacturing industries. But how can social media and digital media make these burly machines sound sexy? These aren’t trendy businesses like coffee houses and ice cream bars.

Tour Videos

People see the product that your machines manufacture on grocery shelves and in auto dealerships. What they don’t understand is how it got from A to Z. What happened when they weren’t looking? This is the purpose of a tour video. You want them to see the role that your machines play in making these products.

Thanks to editing tools, you can make what would’ve been a boring video exciting. You can add animation, graphics, captions, and animated texts to your video so that the information is easier to digest. This is the magic of digital media—the ability to make even the most complex of products understandable.


Are you not comfortable with the idea of letting the people into your warehouse or factory? Intellectual property rights (IPR) are very big in the manufacturing industry as there are components that your competitors should not be made aware of. That’s why you can also use cartoons and animation when trying to explain to your audience how specific machines work.

One of the most popular components of any industrial machine is the pneumatic valve. These air-operated valves use air and redirect it to tubes, pipes, and pathways that power up the devices. In some cases, these valves control the amount of air passing through these tubes, ensuring the accuracy of the operation.

machine powered assembly line

Modern Assembly Line

Why not make a side-to-side comparison of the traditional and modern assembly lines? This will make people more appreciative of the improvements in the manufacturing sector. Consumers should no longer be worried about the accuracy and quality of the products they buy because of machines such as the ones you create. The modern assembly line uses robotics and automation to ensure the precision of every output.

Physical Tours

The Hershey factory tour was one of the most popular tours when visiting the United States. Why is it so? People are interested to see how the chocolate bars and kisses they love so much are made. The interaction with these machines in real life is what makes this process so appealing to many people.

This is the best way to showcase the machines and equipment that you are selling—you have to let people into the warehouse or factory. Better yet, create a mini-museum of how your business came to be—from its slow start to its rise to big machinery production.

Social Media and Influencers

This is where it gets tricky. With so much information on the internet and social media, how are you going to be different? How is your company different from all the others? You should focus on using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to give a glimpse of how your business operates.

Behind-the-scenes videos are some of the most popular corporate videos out there. These humanize your company and the people behind it. A glimpse of your production and operation will provide the needed information for your business-to-business (B2B) clients, as well as brand awareness for your business-to-consumer (B2C) customers.

It’s a massive challenge for industries that produce these types of machinery to market them to ordinary people. However, the marketing game has now changed. While the target market remains to be businesses that need these machines and tools, it is also critical to reach out to people who consume the products that these businesses produce. To do that, you have to take in the power of social media, the internet, and digital marketing. These tools will reach this uncharted territory.

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