Wellness Apps to Cool You Down After a Busy Work Week

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There can be days when things ramp up at the office and everyone finds themselves extremely busy. This is a good thing as it is a great sign that business is good. During times like these, it is nice to look forward to what you want to do over the weekend. You can reward yourself and shop for things that you want as a reward for hard work, or you can get stuff done at home like completing that garage door installation. But above all those, you need to take a break especially when you have done so much during the workweek. The good thing is there are amazing apps that you can install in your smartphone that can help you cool down and get some well-deserved rest.

White Noise

Not all noise can disturb you in your sleep. As a matter of fact, there is such a thing as white noise that does the exact opposite. This is a continuous and sustained stream of sound that can get your brain into a rhythm and eventually into a state where it becomes relaxed. There are applications out there that let you select a variety of effects. Examples of these are beach waves, rainfall, TV static, and the hum of an air conditioner. You can then play them using your phone’s loudspeaker or you can have it connected to a larger sound system. Having something in the background that is constant and expected can greatly help in giving yourself a little peace of mind.

Puzzle Games

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You can take your thoughts off of bothersome things by diverting your attention towards simple puzzle games. These give you a great balance of focus and accomplishment. The brain teasers are challenging enough to get your brain gears moving but not too tough to the point that you get frustrated. Some popular types include logic games like nonograms and sudoku. You can also keep yourself busy with single-player card games like the many variations of solitaire.

Breathing Exercise

A great way to keep yourself composed and relaxed is by practicing proper breathing techniques. This can be often forgotten when you are out there thinking about a lot of things. To get you to slow down, pause everything, and get into a room where you can concentrate by yourself. There are apps out there that have visual cues on how long you have to inhale or exhale. Follow these and you are sure to be on the way to a calmer state of mind.


Similar to puzzle games, there are creativity apps that help keep your mind busy working on simple and relaxing activities. One type of these is a digital version of the coloring book, where you have pages upon pages of illustrations that you can spend time completing. Seeing a white canvas slowly blossom into an amalgam of colors is sure to make you feel satisfied and accomplished.

Having enough rest is very important for your body. It helps you maintain the overall quality of your immune system and keep your mind stay sharp. You would not be able to do your duties properly if you are not in top shape. So if you are struggling to give yourself a break, try some of these apps out.

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