Essential Apps and Gadgets that a Rock Climber Should Have

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If you want to take up a sport that can take you to the outdoors, look no further than rock climbing. It pretty much is a full-body workout, but it also focuses on your gripping ability. Of course, since you also are dealing with gravity, you need to exercise safety precautions. But if you are not familiar with the kind of gear you need, you can check out those indoor facilities. They should have trainers that will strap you up and help you get started on your first climb. When you are feeling more adventurous, you could then try some natural sites where you can look for rock boulders for you to get your hands on. Scaling them is relatively safe owing to their height, or lack of it. The highest that you can climb could be those that are about 20 to 25 feet tall.

A lot of people use companion apps for many of their daily activities. The smartphone has played a big part in this, as it is home to those numerous programs ranging from those that entertain you to those that help you become productive. Rock climbing, as a sport, has many other components you have to think of. Here are some apps that are essential for your journeys.

GPS and Maps

Some climbers prefer the convenience and structure of working out in an indoor gym. But others like to branch out and seek surfaces and rocks to climb outdoors. If you want to find the best locations to hone your climbing skills on, you need to bring with you a device that has GPS and map features. Some sites may be too far out there and could be challenging to find, so having positional tracking by your side is a godsend. That would be an essential tool because it will help you avoid getting lost in your travels.

Any modern smartphone or smartwatch should have GPS technology in them. Being compact and wearable makes packing a breeze as you do not have to worry too much about the stuff you will bring with you. Remember that you also have to carry a fair amount of gear with you. Traveling light lets you preserve your energy so that once you arrive at your destination, you still have the strength and stamina to climb some boulders.


When you go out to a remote location, always let your friends or loved ones know about it. The reason for that is if there are unforeseen circumstances, they can help track you down and get you rescued. It would be better if you maintain communication even if you are busy out there climbing. In addition to making phone calls and texts, some apps let you share your exact location with others, so they can monitor where you are currently. These will give the people close to you some peace of mind. You know that they will think about where and how you are, so giving them a heads up should ease their worries

With those in mind, you should hope that you will still get good network coverage in the area where you are going. Not only that, you have to worry about your phone’s battery life too. You can bring with you a power bank or a solar charger to give you the extra juice to keep your communication going.


The key to being fit is being focused and having the discipline to follow a training and diet program. You need to have your body in peak condition to perform your rock climbing activities with confidence. You can check out apps that let you monitor your weight and other vital statistics. So if you have goals for your body, the app will keep track of them. Nutrition-wise, you can remove the tedium involved in calculating your calorie intake. There are apps out there that make things easier to understand and let you count your intake without going into the nitty-gritty scientific details. Just put in the meals that you had during the day, and it will give you an estimate of the total calories.



Being outdoors will give you a lot of beautiful things to look at. As you move away from the city and into more exotic locations, you will be glad to see beautiful sceneries. Rock climbers have the privilege of seeing unbelievable land formations and clear horizons. You do not want these to escape your memory, so you take out your smartphone or stand-alone digital camera to take a snapshot. That is the only way that you can share your journey with your friends and family. Not only should you capture those, but you should also document your accomplishments. If you have reached the top after a challenging ascent, that would be the perfect time to take a selfie so you can let everyone know you have overcome the odds.

There is much to like about rock climbing. It is not just about working out and getting in shape. Doing it also makes you appreciate what nature can offer. If you want to challenge yourself, go out there, and explore the environments. You will indeed find something that will push you to your limits.

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