How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Boost Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is getting better every year. Various achievements in technology have made sure of that. Some of the rising stars in digital marketing are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

AR and VR tech was primarily used in the field of gaming. But many marketers saw its huge potential in marketing. It offers the ability for consumers to immerse consumers and, by doing this, convert leads to sales. However, how do you exactly apply this marketing strategy to your brand?

It’s Not Cheap

First, let’s get the most important part out of the way. Because of the evolving nature of VR and AR tech, it’s one of the more expensive marketing options out there. As long as there is continuous development in the field, the technology will be costly for everybody. But this shouldn’t dissuade you from using to revolutionary marketing tool. If you have the budget, we suggest going for it.


The first step into making an AR and VR tech work for your marketing campaign is to immerse consumers into your product. Many car manufacturers are using AR and VR tech to help consumers visualize the inside of their vehicles without leaving the comfort of their homes. Furniture companies like IKEA are also using it to show how certain products can fit into your home.

This revolutionary marketing tool is making it easier for companies to reach their desired audience. Furthermore, at the time of the pandemic, it’s great to have the ability to show your products in an immersive way without bringing your customers to your store. So the next time they visit your store, they’re ready to make a purchase, drastically reducing the time they have to spend there.

Converting Leads to Sales

Selling cars is no easy job, especially during the pandemic when people struggle to leave their homes. As stated earlier, car manufacturers are now using VR and AR tech to bring their cars into your home. Now that they can check the insides of the vehicle they want, they are more likely to purchase it.

This is just one of the many ways AR and VR tech is converting leads to sales. The technology can quickly clear out any customer doubts, and without these doubts in mind, they can quickly shift their minds into making a purchase.

Standing Out

VR and AR tech is both new techs in the field of marketing, and with so many marketing strategies out in the industry right now, you need something to stand out. What’s a better way than placing your customers into a virtual world?

Standing out among the masses can undoubtedly make a difference in how the public sees you. Through this tech, you can positively impact your presence in the market. This should draw more consumers into your company.

Alternatives to VR and AR

As stated earlier, VR and AR tech is not cheap, but it is good for you if your company can afford it. You can bring more customers and translate traffic into sales faster than any marketing campaign. But what about those who can’t afford it? What are good alternatives for them? There are many alternatives to VR and AR tech, and one of them is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing. It can generate organic traffic quickly for a low price. Working with an SEO services provider can be as good as incorporating VR or AR into your marketing campaign. It’s certainly not as immersive, but numbers-wise, being on top of a search can net the same amount or even more consumers to your company.

It might not convert traffic directly into sales, but the exposure you can get from SEO is two-fold from what you can get from AR and VR tech. With over four billion internet users globally, the world is your oyster with this marketing strategy.



Do you have a product or service that has gotten a lot of exposure but has not really gained any sales? Then telemarketing is for you! It’s has a simple logic: call potential customers and clients, and sell them your products and services.

This marketing strategy is certainly not as good as SEO if you want to develop an audience. But if you already have an audience, all you have to do is push them to purchase your products. This can convert leads to sales quite easily when done well. However, it can also quickly annoy leads. So make sure to be careful where you utilize this marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you still need some creativity to apply VR and AR tech to your marketing campaigns creatively. If you can’t do it properly, then don’t invest in it. Go for the alternatives instead. But if you have a good marketing campaign in mind using VR and AR tech, then investing in the tech is your best choice.


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