7 Trending Products to Sell in Your E-commerce Store

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Even if you have the skills to market products online, you won’t make a profit unless you keep up with the trends. If you’re planning to set up an e-commerce site or even just a simple store on social media, know that popularity alone won’t bring in the cash. You have to have a pulse for what people are buying or what they are looking for.

Here are the top trending products to sell online this 2021:

Household Storage Containers

When scouring for the best mortgage rates for homes through professionals who streamline the entire process, homeowners now have the time to focus on other things regarding their homes. One trending home product that’s taking over the internet is household storage containers. These help people organize out-of-season things, food, supplies, and clothing. The search volume for storage containers generates over 135,000 searches every month, making it a profitable business to start online.


Like most home decorative items, doormats are one of the bestselling trending products online. That’s because more people are staying at home, making them feel more inclined to spruce their houses up and create a more relaxing atmosphere. Doormats are one of the cheapest and best ways to improve a space. They are sturdier than your average rug, helping people keep dirt and grime out of their homes with style.

According to market forecasts in 2021, there’s been a high demand for fancy and comfortable doormats, making it a lucrative trending product to invest in over time. Residential doormat buyers usually focus more on aesthetics than functionality, making them excellent for tapping into niche markets.

Wireless Phone Charger

As technology becomes more advanced, wireless phone charges are one of the most profitable products out there right now — and this trend isn’t showing any signs of ending soon. After all, this product is the kind of device that offers users freedom and flexibility since they no longer depend on a power socket. Experts suggest that demand for this trending product will increase more over time, especially when popular phone manufacturers launch their new smartphones with wireless charging.

Wearable Devices

The demand for this product has increased rapidly because more manufacturers are making them for reasonable prices, making it more accessible to a broader consumer demographic. That’s why the number of people fond of buying wearable devices like fitness trackers has increased steadily from year to year. However, even the more expensive ones are gaining significant momentum in popularity thanks to their general usefulness.

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Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels experienced massive growth in the last months of 2020. Experts estimate the global kitchen towel market to reach a value of around $20.9 billion by 2026, making it a trending product you wouldn’t want to miss. People can use kitchen towels in several ways, from cleaning dirty spots to drying hands, making it a practical purchase. Plus, they’re naturally durable and can withstand repeated uses.

The only issue with this trending product is that competition is high since famous home essentials brands take up a massive market share. They usually only target one demographic, and that’s “older” consumers with disposable income — giving you a unique selling opportunity to market it to a younger or niche audience. Plus, although cloth kitchen towels are the preferred product for many, people now also lean toward other variations, such as hand-knitted or crochet kitchen towels.

Bicycle Saddles

In the summer of 2020, bikes were a hot product, with many shops going out of stock. With this sudden increase, people are bound to look for accessories for their bikes — and out of them, the most popular one is bike saddles. These saddles play a significant role in a cyclist’s ride. They can be the difference between a comfortable ride or an uncomfortable one, making it one of the top trending products every e-commerce shop owner should sell.

The right bike seat is different for each person, and it depends on their anatomy, biking experience, discipline, and general riding style. Helping individuals find the perfect saddle for their bikes can be a lucrative move. After all, search volumes for bike saddles are getting 22,200 searches per month. The best way to market this trending product is by building a cycling store designed to help people ride more comfortably.

Handheld Device Accessories

Handheld devices, whether smartphones or tablets, often come with several accessories, and they’re one of those trending products boasting consistent high-profit margins, making them a worthy investment. This trending product is hotter at particular times than other items. However, consumers usually look for handheld device accessories throughout the year. In addition, the market for this is massive and is estimated to be worth around $284.06 billion by 2026.

Search volumes for mobile accessories usually receive around 49,500 searches every month. The best part about this top trending product is that it gives you plenty of chances to target different customer segments based on their device type. Some of the most popular items under this trending product category are batteries, headphones, chargers, and phone cases.

These are just some of the many trending products you must sell online in 2021. They usually sell well on different platforms, and they’re bound to increase your profits and attract more customers to your online shop.

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