5 Things Celebrities Need During Shoots

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When you see a star on the cover of a magazine, or a celeb movie, most of you try emulating them. While some things are readily available around us, others are not. Behind every successful take goes immense homework and innovative thinking by directors, photographers, and actors. Moreover, the supporting team of the star also counts.

Makeup artists, stylists, and costume designers rank high among human interventions. Moreover, the props and other physical devices also put in their presence to work. Some celebrities cancel shoots if any one of the above is unavailability and look for more to give their best.

Makeup Artists

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Celebrities need makeup artists to look good. They are dependent on them. Much hard work goes behind what you see as a glamorous face on the screen or magazine covers. Before applying makeup, a makeup artist analyses the face shape, skin color, and skin tone. It is their dirty to highlight the good features and hide the flaws. If you see celebrities without any makeup, you will rarely identify them. That is because we are habitual to look at their face all dolled up rather than their natural form. Most stars have their dedicated makeup artists and rarely rely on new people.

Vanity or Motor Homes

You can connect the vanity to a makeup van. It was initially meant to assist the celebs in getting ready. However, they have moved on to have more important roles with time. They serve as a second home to the celebrities when they are on breaks during shooting. Most big stars have their own. This is necessary to get complete privacy. Moreover, for most female actors, it is a boon. The main reason behind this is that changing clothes can be a hassle in common rooms. You never know who is watching. No wonder recreational vehicles for sale are a common thing that most celebrities look out for.

Today, these vans have evolved. These vehicles have beds, sofas, pantry, lavatories, air conditioners, refrigerators, and entertainment systems to assist celebs. If the shoot takes place for several days, one can also sleep and stay inside the vehicle. Some celebrities have gone on to install jacuzzis on board as well. You will also find dining tables that retract into the walls. You can also avail yourself of a retractable awning for sunny and rainy weather. Technology has made many things possible that were unheard of in the past, making the celeb’s life comfier and more luxurious.

Costume Designers and Stylists

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As the industry insiders say, celebrities do not want to be found dead in their sleepwear. That is why they need their costume designers and stylists. Moreover, the paparazzi are always after them for the best shots. The main task performed by a costume designer is to create stylish outfits for celebs for shoots and videos. They create the outfit based on the celebrities’ character, storyline, and physical attributes.

Apart from that, most costume designers often double up as stylists. The stylist ensures that the celeb’s outfit, accessories, and shoot theme are in sync with one another. You can call the stylist a fashion editor. No star leaves home without these people.

Smart Devices

Most celebrities prefer to keep the noise cancellation headphones handy. They want to cut the outside noise out and relax when they are not shooting. They also buy expensive body massagers or have them preinstalled in their vanity. You will often find them getting a mechanized body massage inside the vanity.

Also, you will find celebs incorporating LED-embedded smart fashion into their film and personal wardrobes. They are already a rage at musical shows. These costumes consist of electroluminescent material, microprocessors, and LEDs, interwoven together. The best about it is that they can control the lighting with their smartphone. The only requirement is Bluetooth, which is omnipresent today.

Umbrellas and Shades

When you see them shooting in sunny places or open spots, these are a must. They have spot boys and assistants to hold the umbrella for them. And, you will find that they are king-size. They are not a celebrity for nothing. And, they always love to keep shades handy in case of unwanted break-ins from the public watching them shoot. It helps to break eye contact and concentrate on the shot.

Apart from the above reasons, they do not want to reveal their emotions in front of the public. That is why they hide their eyes behind shades. It is more apt for situations when they have massive turmoil going on in their lives.

You will also find a few wearing sunglasses at night. On being interviewed, they revealed that they have not been able to sleep well and just want to hide their puffy eyes. Additionally, shades also add to the mysterious aura.

You will find every celebrity today with these things while shooting. If any of the above is not available, it can lead to dismay and discomfort.

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