Going Green: Benefits of Being an Eco-friendly Company


There are many advantages of promoting eco-friendly practices in your business. It helps build a positive image, attracts more customers, and, most importantly, it saves the planet. You can encourage environmental awareness through simple practices like investing in office plants, promoting paperless transactions, and implementing a recycling program.

Another way to promote environmental awareness is to partner with businesses with the same principles. You can opt for eco-friendly cleaning companies that cater to businesses in maintaining office cleanliness, especially this pandemic. They don’t use cheaper toxic cleaners, so you’ll have better air quality, healthier office space, and a better environment.

Nowadays, more people are becoming more concerned about the environment, so they choose to be with companies that send the same message. Most businesses are transitioning into sustainability to attract both employees and customers that can help the business in the long run.

Employees Prefer Sustainable Companies

Most employees prefer to work with companies that are motivated to promote environmental programs. Eco-friendly businesses actually have a 55% increase in employee morale and improved business processes. When your employees are driven to promote your values, your business will attract new talent that shares the company’s mission.

Here are some ways to encourage environmental sustainability in your employees:

Implement a recycling program

This is a great way to start your environmental efforts. Send emails as constant reminders of your company’s recycling policies. You can also add recycling bins in common areas to further motivate them and make it a habit to recycle.

Provide incentives

You can give out monetary rewards, gift cards, or certificates to employees who contribute to maintaining a green environment. To make practicing sustainability more enjoyable, you can have a competition among teams and have them work for prizes.

Educate them

Inform your employees of the effects of energy efficiency and global warming by inviting speakers to raise awareness. You can also include ways to encourage eco-friendly practices like posting reminders of proper water and electricity consumption, avoiding plastic products, or using public transportation or bicycles to work.

Conserve energy in the office

Save more energy by making it a habit to switch off equipment and turn off lights during off-hours. Make sure this is communicated around the office, and encourage everyone to give their suggestions for other energy-saving practices to their colleagues.

Attract More Customers by Being a Green Company

green business

By 2021, the U.S. sustainability market is estimated to reach about $150 billion in sales. Shoppers nowadays want more than good quality—they prefer brands who share the same personal values like environmental awareness.

Appeal to like-minded consumers by promoting your business’ conscious efforts. Let the public know through social media and other marketing campaigns that your business cares for the environment. 

Here are some ways to get more customers through your green initiatives:

Use eco-friendly packaging

Acquire more customers and boost loyalty by using eco-friendly packaging for your products like recycled paper. You can also use fiber-based materials like lightweight and versatile corrugated boards. These are durable enough for your products and reduce your environmental impact, thus making you get more customers.

To make every part of your product usable, use packaging options that can also be used as other things like sturdy boxes, tumblers, or attractive eco-bags.

Partner with eco-friendly suppliers

Show your customers that you also support other sustainable companies by partnering with them. For example, if you have a clothing business, opt for local handmade materials and recycled fabrics suppliers. For beauty products, choose companies that supply organic ingredients. This will help reduce your carbon footprint on the supply chain and entice like-minded consumers.

Donate to environmental campaigns

Aside from promoting the usage of recyclable packaging and raising environmental awareness, you can also boost your loyal followers by giving back to charities or environmental campaigns. Setting aside a portion of your profits for charitable efforts is a way of showing your social responsibility and can help in your marketing strategies.

If your company brands itself as socially responsible, you’ll also motivate customers toward supporting socially responsible commitments. The consciousness of your company can make customers believe that your products are of great quality. So if your business is doing good to others, your sales will definitely do well.

An environmentally-friendly company not only helps the planet but also retains employees, attracts customers, and gives back to charitable efforts. Eco-friendly business practices don’t have to be huge right away. You can start with small efforts such as planting trees, choosing energy-efficient equipment, and promoting conservation practices in the office. These small changes can lead to huge transformation in our society and your business as well.

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