How Business and Technology Became a Good Pair During the Pandemic

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The pandemic caused problems that the world was unprepared to face. Businesses had to close down, so many people all over the world lost their jobs. To address health issues, governments worldwide made necessary changes, and everyone needed to adjust and adapt to the situation.

But one thing that stood stronger was technology. Technology had to step up, conquer the world, and then take over. Through digitization, business functions like marketing and distribution expanded, helping industries stay afloat during the health crisis.

Technology has now become the go-to source for anything under the sun. Nowadays, if you ask people for directions or any information, the common answer will be, “Google it.” Search engines such as Google are now used worldwide to get the needed information online.

Many businesses around the world took advantage of this, including restaurants that offered delivery services through mobile applications. Streaming services like Netflix also gathered momentum and saw stable subscriber growth worldwide. Even sporting events continued even in the absence of ticket-paying crowds.

Still, the athletes, the teams, and everyone involved in the production kept getting paid, thanks to paying subscribers watching at home and increased advertising. Even other businesses used digital platforms to serve their clients. For example, banks created mobile applications, enabling their clients to make transactions in the comfort of their own homes.

Even mortgage specialists, medical professionals, and lawyers met with their clients online. Through video conferencing, organizations across the globe could collaborate and increase employee engagement in a remote work environment. Amid the pandemic, business and technology suddenly became a formidable team.

Here are different ways that technology changed the landscape of businesses forever.

1. Real-time Communication

Technology has brought the world closer together. Global companies are now able to meet their foreign counterparts in real-time. And video conferencing became the key. What’s good is you don’t have to be in the meeting to attend the meeting. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype are the top three platforms in virtual meetings.

Zoom lets you meet with as many people depending on the zoom plan you select. It also has a breakout capability. Here you can attend a maximum of 50 meetings all at the same time. It also has screen-sharing capabilities.

Whether you use a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone, you are able to discuss things and ideas typewritten on each other’s screens. Likewise, you can also do screen sharing using Microsoft teams. It also has file storage because of its large memory. In addition, you can do file sharing with your team members.

You can meet with 300 users at the same time. While Skype for Business lets you meet with 250 people in real time. This is aside from instant messaging features and screen sharing capacity.

2. Collaborations

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The ability to communicate internationally opens an opportunity for working partnerships. This is not only about working with colleagues. But also about learning from those who have been in the business longer. Getting them as your mentors will increase knowledge. And your confidence gets better at the same time.

The screen and file sharing option lets you take notes. HD videos and audio makes you see and hear each other clearly. The worldwide exchange of information helps you accelerate your knowledge further. All these are ingredients that grow businesses.

3. Speed and Efficiency

The faster exchange of information increases the speed and efficiency of services. A good example is in the shipping and logistics industry. Gone are the days when people go to a building and fall in line to transact.

In the comfort of your home, you can go to the company’s official website. Then you can book a shipping container and pay using online banking.

There will be exchanges of emails or a representative chat with you. Then the company courier picks up your package and sends it to your rented container. Then your package is delivered to any part of the world.

The ease of doing business increases. Services are delivered faster. Happy clients talk about you. And then you win more customers in return. These are all the perfect ingredients of an excellent business.

The coronavirus has stopped businesses in their tracks. The whole world stopped, and everyone had to stay home. But when technology took over, it became the key for the world to rise above the pandemic.

Now, big businesses are making more money and increasing their global reach. And even small businesses are gaining good results because of technology. Together with technology, the pandemic is a situation the world can overcome.





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