Technological Advancements Have Not Only Helped Businesses but Saved Lives

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Technology has quickly taken over a large part of our daily lives. These advancements have helped businesses’ bottom lines and, in some cases, saved lives. The evolution of security systems, early warning systems, and even communication systems has dramatically improved how the world functions. Digital transformation has also been a big part of how businesses have chosen to pivot after the pandemic.

There are countless examples of technology improving business processes, productivity, workforce management, and reducing expenses. The topic of technology doesn’t just pertain to automation or artificial intelligence. There are examples all around our homes, offices, and hangouts. That’s how ingrained technology is now in our daily lives. It’s now at the point where small technological advancements have been so normalized that we sometimes don’t realize how big of an effect has snowballed to other industries unless you look at the bigger picture.

The great thing about innovations in technology is they affect not just the industry they were created for but are also quick to affect other sectors. Conversations about technology have unlimited possibilities as some have concluded that the future truly lies in digital transformation and further technological innovation.

Major corporations, universities, venture capitalists, and government bodies pour obscene amounts of money into research and development in the technical field. These investments, when done right, can result in tenfold the initial capital return. Projects that may have served singular purposes initially can quickly adapt and change to cater to other market needs. Here are just some examples of technology that we have around us whose significance we might be missing:


The digital era is undoubtedly upon us. Innovations in camera systems have been some of the most important milestones of the century. These don’t necessarily pertain to the camera equipment themselves but also how cameras can improve security features in different industries. A great example of how physical cameras are used to enhance security are dash cams and body cams. These are often used by law enforcement to improve transparency within their organizations.

Dashcams in private vehicles have also helped consumers with insurance concerns and public safety. Home security systems such as nest and other systems used in smart homes have also contributed to safety. Applications that allow you to access live security camera footage on your phone even when you’re not at home have helped businesses and homes add that extra level of security. Facial recognition software is also fast becoming a part of everyday technology. Banks have now started using facial recognition software in ATMs and other access points for banking-related transactions.

Going paperless

Perhaps one of the most underrated effects of technology has been our ability to go paperless. Electronic records and cloud computing systems have had an enormous effect on how we do business. File rooms have quickly transformed into online databases which can be accessed from multiple locations and are far more secure. Medical records are a great example of how going paperless has helped saved lives.

The times of physically updating patient charts are long gone. Systems have been developed to log patient symptoms automatically to a shared hospital database that isn’t easily lost or damaged. This feature also comes into play in various business services such as digital accounting or bookkeeping, workforce record-keeping, and even tax reporting. Having easy access to data that different software can electronically analyze has saved the day more times than businesses can count.

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Rapid prototyping has also been a prominent trend in the tech field. The invention of the 3D printer has significantly sped up the process of product prototyping. Being able to adjust to complications that arise before manufacturing with costly materials can dramatically reduce waste in resources. Physically seeing prototypes before reaching the final phases allows you to change anything wrong or further improve it.

Tech advancements in prototyping aren’t the only ways modern equipment has helped better our lives. Excellent examples have been coming out in the medical field for years. Automatic external defibrillators, specialized medical supply carts, and drug monitoring devices have been helping save lives in hospitals worldwide.

Technological advancements are only going to keep getting better and better as the industry further evolves. Research and development in the field have seen unprecedented amounts of interest as compared to other sectors. These developments don’t always have a flashy sign to signify just how big of an impact they actually have. Often, it’s the small changes seen by creative minds that lead to beautiful breakthroughs in tech. As businesses further pursue digitalization, we’ll see even more advancements in software and technology.

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