Out With The Old: Music Player Apps To Download To Replace Google Music Play On Your Android

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Google Music Player has been around for almost a decade and has been the default music player on all Android devices. However, Google has expressed even a few years ago that GMP will soon be disappearing, and as of August this year, they have finally disclosed when the service will end: September 2020.

As Google Music Player was retired very recently, albeit slowly but surely — and no, this is not a test, it is for real and for good — a lot of Android users are wondering how what other apps they can use that’s quite similar to how GMP feels. Since its creation in 2011, GMP has been the default music player in all Android units. Sure, users can download their own music player apps (which is the main topic of our discussion) and still enjoy their playlist even if they’re offline.

8 Music Apps That Android Users Can Download to Replace Google Music Player

1. YouTube Music

The most obvious placeholder in this list is YouTube Music because that’s what Google replaced GMP with. After all, YouTube is owned by Google and the new music service is pretty much just an upgraded and rebranded version of Google Play Music. Armed with the same features as GMP, YouTube Music lets a user import their own music files and playlists and download them on their Android devices for offline listening. A premium subscription allows users to enjoy features that elevate the streaming experience.

2. Spotify

Spotify one of the best music apps on both Android and iOS platforms. It is no longer just good for listening to music as it has already ventured into the wonderful world of podcasts. One of its best features is its premium service as it lets you download your music for offline enjoyment and lets you listen online without the pesky ads.

3. Apple Music

It probably didn’t take much for Apple to get their SaaS onboarding system going when the tech giant decided to join the party, especially with their extensive experience on iTunes. Their decision to expand their reach and go beyond the boundaries of iOS was met with mixed sentiments. But overall, it’s performance on an Android feels just like it would on an iOS device.

4. PowerAmp Music Player

For those who already have an extensive library but only need an app to play music with, look no farther than PowerAmp Music Player. It’s been around for years but users still continue to enjoy frequent upgrades that make listening to music a more amazing experience with each update. The PowerAmp’s great interface, support for a wide variety of formats, equalizer, lyrics, and other great features make it one of an audiophile’s go-to apps.

5. Tidallistening to music while on commute

Tidal rose to stardom because of its ability to stream high-fidelity music that’s very close to CD quality. With over 25 million songs in its library waiting to be streamed along with more than 75,000 music videos uninterrupted by ads, Tidal is definitely one of the best apps around. Its only downside is there are no free tiers. But at $9.99 for Tidal Premium and $19.99 for Tidal Hi-Fi, it’s worth every penny.

6. Musicolet

While Musicolet may not have any built-in internet permissions, you get to enjoy its offline functionality. What they missed out on syncing and cloud features, they made up for in their focus on privacy. You can enjoy music in a wide variety of formats with embedded lyrics support and a tagging function. This app is ideal for those who prefer to enjoy music straight-up in as simple a manner as possible, devoid of any fancy and complicated features.

7. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player has several unique features that give it an edge over the competition. It includes support for YouTube videos which allows you to watch videos on a floating window as you navigate other apps. On top of that, it also has podcasts, a 5-band equalizer with 25 presets to choose from, and Pi Powershare if you want to share your playlist with your contacts.

8. Amazon Music

Amazon Music’s free tier lets users play stored audio files, create and edit music playlists, and stream music via Bluetooth to your home audio system or car stereo. It’s winning feature, however, is its cloud locker streaming and market integration. Amazon Prime subscribers have access to limitless tracks from its massive library that can be played at will and downloaded to different Android devices.

So you see, despite the demise of Google Play Music, Android users still have a lot of great options to enjoy their music with.

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