Next-Gen Gaming: How Does the PS5 Level the Playing Field?

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The PlayStation 5 is the newest addition to Sony’s gaming console, set to release near the end of 2020. It’s not far off to say that a new generation of console gaming is before us gamers. And with this new console, developers are scrambling and preparing to develop new games and features that will change how we see and how we play console games for generations to come. The PS5 comes with an improved SSD as their primary focus to lessen and, in some cases, eliminate loading screens.

Although Sony has been vague and utterly cryptic in their approach to revealing their console’s specs over the past several months, we can extract pieces of information from interviews, short clips, and social media posts.

Distinguishing Features

For a lot of individuals who are not familiar with the industry, seeing the differences between previous models (such as the PS4) and the PS5 can be a bit confusing at first, but there are distinguishing features.

Here are some features:

Upgraded SSD

The PS5’s Internal Solid-State Drive will, in some cases, be faster than a PC’s SSD. If you’ve never heard of an SSD, this piece of technology essentially speeds up the processing power of the CPU and thus wholly eliminates loading screens, making “Loading screen snack break” a thing of the past, just like floppy disks.

The PS5’s SSD will change how future games are designed; no longer will gamers have to suffer a long loading screen to get into another room. The only downside is that the PS5’s built-in SSD is no larger than 825 GB but is replaceable should gamers choose to do so.

If you’re new to gaming and find these all intimidating, don’t worry, you can still get your computer up-to-par with the PS5 with some custom parts. With state-of-the-art custom-built printed circuit fabrication services, your desktop can be easily optimized for gaming and work at reasonably competitive prices.

The DualSense Controller

On June 11, 2020, Sony unveiled its new PlayStation 5 controller known as the DualSense in a blog post.

The DualSense controller not only features a sleek ergonomic design philosophy but also, just as the name suggests, the DualSense controller focuses on the player’s touch. The DualSense controller is built-in with a haptic feedback system that aims to have a wider range of motions, such as the feel of running through rocky terrain or driving a vehicle through the mud.

The DualSense controller also has adjustable trigger buttons that change sensitivity or feel depending on the actions, such as swinging a massive sword or preparing to shoot an arrow. The DualSense controller also features a built-in microphone so gamers won’t have to purchase additional headphones for their console.

Last but not least, the DualSense controller also includes a touchpad in the center, flanked by two blue LED lights. The “Share” button is replaced for a “Create” button, which, as Sony explains, has an expanded range of functions compared to the “Share” button.

Your Very Own AI Buddy

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While an AI buddy isn’t exactly new in the world that we live in today, seeing as how we have Cortana and Siri, Sony took this concept five steps further. Sony patented a “robot” or AI companion who watches your gameplay and reacts to your emotional state.

If this makes it into the final product, players could potentially be playing their favorite shooter or RPG, and this AI or Robot buddy would react depending on the player’s emotional state. There hasn’t been any information regarding how the AI collects the “emotional data,” but looking at the trends could be through the DualSense controller or a camera.

Keep in mind, though, that Sony hasn’t released enough information about this feature and could very well be removed or changed during release.

The Tempest 3D Audio

The Tempest 3D audio is the PS5’s sound engine that could add unimaginable depth of elements into future games. Not only will this heighten a game’s immersion level but also help blind gamers experience games the way that they never have before.

Not much has been revealed into how it works. But developers expect players to identify each sound when they walk into a room or in the game world.

Sony has always been a strong competitor in the technology and gaming market. They owe their success mainly because they focus on delivering the highest quality of products and pushing the limits of technology as well as developing innovations.

The PS5 and the DualSense controller are two perfect examples of how Sony will level the playing field for console and PC gamers. Not much has been revealed in terms of how these parts will work together. However, it does show a promise of better gaming experience for console gamers.

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