How Genshin Impact Launched Itself Into The Limelight

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It has only been over two weeks since the release of Genshin Impact, and it seems like miHoYo has done it again and gave the people exactly what they wanted. In fact, it has grossed over $100 million in its first two weeks, instantly recouping the development costs for the game and taking number one spot on the top-grossing games for the google play store. And today, we will be exploring how Genshin Impact managed to launch itself straight into the limelight and right into the hearts of the masses.

What Is Genshin Impact?

Now, looking at Genshin Impact at the bigger picture, it’s not breaking any new genres or making history. It’s your tried and tested Action-RPG game set in a vast open-world where the protagonist goes on a quest to look for their long-lost sibling. It uses the same cliche where you’re a traveler from another world and will have to embark on an epic journey with overarching plots that lets you experience the vast landscape of Teyvat.

However, merely going off of that description doesn’t do justice in defining Genshin Impact. It’s about average in terms of storyline, but where it does shine is in gameplay and player retention.

What Makes It So Good?

We have to give props to the people behind Genshin Impact, from the fantastic group of developers to the outstanding human resource team strategically planning with everyone. All their efforts resulted in an excellent game. And, comparing all the videos and teasers to actual gameplay, it’s safe to say that miHoYo delivered on their promise and more.

#1 A Beautiful Open World

One of the most enjoyable parts of the game is the breathtaking sights you can take in and the beautiful open world you get to explore. The RPG element of Genshin Impact was given top priority. It definitely shows how much effort they’ve put into building the environment and the distinct characteristics of different regions.

And, whether you’re deep in a domain duking it out in a boss fight, or aimlessly traversing through the landscape, Genshin Impact gracefully utilizes their cel-shaded art style to make your surroundings come together. It also proves that you don’t need realistic and super-advanced graphics to grab the public’s attention.

#2 Cross-platform Co-op Mode

Genshin Impact co-op mode

Another great feature of Genshin Impact is the co-op mode that lets you invite other players into your world and experience the thrill of battling together as a 4-man team. On top of that, it also supports cross-platform play, which means players on PS4, Android, iOS, and PC can all come together and have a great time adventuring through the world of Genshin Impact.

Cross-platform co-op mode is an excellent method of increasing community engagement and encouraging interaction among their player base. We strongly think that this was one of miHoYo’s smarter moves and among the critical factors that led to Genshin Impact’s success.

#3 It Doesn’t Get Boring

A big issue with open-world games is that with the vast world to explore, certain themes and interactions become repetitive and boring, which makes the player lose interest and drop the game. However, in the case of Genshin Impact, the gameplay never gets tiring, and there’s always something around the corner to pique your interest.

From hunting fresh ingredients, solving multi-step puzzles, and fighting hordes of enemies for chests all scattered around the world, there is never a dull moment. And we think this breadcrumb methodology and the sprinkling of goodies in the most obscure places help keep gameplay fun and exciting.

#4 Free to Play

Last but not least, the game is entirely free to play, and with the amount of gameplay and features it has to offer, Genshin Impact presents itself as totally worth trying because what’s there to lose? Sure, a considerable part of the game relies on gacha elements, and it can give players who are willing to pay an unfair advantage. However, one can progress through the story as much as anyone else, and the experience remains the same.

All spending does for you is the chance of unlocking a new playable character or some currency to help with upgrades, but no paywall stops you from moving forward with the story, and a lot can be achieved with traditional RPG grinding.

Unravel the Mysteries of Teyvat

Ultimately, Genshin Impact is a beautiful game, and it’s no surprise how successful the release came to be. And with the progress they’ve made so far, there’s no telling what other goodies are waiting in store for the players. We think game developer miHoYo outdid themselves on this one, and we expect more exciting releases from them!

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