Best Financial Management and Investment Apps for 2021

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Not everyone can hire an expert to manage their financial affairs and investments, especially when we’re just starting and building our portfolios. Thankfully, there are so many tech tools available to help us navigate these new waters. From resources to apps, no shortage of technological tools and platforms can help us gain an edge in our financial life.

One of the best ways you can improve your financial and investment life is by leveraging technology. Here are some of the best financial management and investment apps this 2021.


Mint is an app that’s dedicated to helping individuals improve and keep track of their personal finances. There’s a reason why this app has gained a good reputation among those who want to improve their financial life—it keeps a user’s entire financial picture in one dashboard. Once you link all of your cards, from debit to credit, the app can keep track of your transactions, organizes them into categories, and shows in black and white just where all your money goes. It helps users have a detailed picture of their bills and spending habits, and there is also an option to create a budget that can help users stick to it no matter what. Other features include:

  • Free access to your credit score
  • A clear breakdown of the contributing factors to your credit score and tips on how you can maintain your credit health
  • You can also stay up-to-the-minute on how your investments are doing

If you are a beginner investor, this basic all-inclusive app may be exactly what you need.


If you are interested in real estate investment with funds to spare for it, Fundrise is a great choice. This app is for investors who want to find exposure to crowdfunding—it’s the complete and single platform that can help users gain access to eREITs, both as non-accredited or accredited investors.

Personal Capital

However, if you’re not necessarily a beginner and have keen insight into your investment life, Personal Capital might be more your speed. It’s the best app for managing your wealth, especially since it shows you a picture of your assets and investments alongside your spending accounts from day to day. The app also boasts of more than 14,000 financial institutions that you can connect to your account.

While it also offers basic features like keeping track of your budget, where the app shines is helping investors keep track of, manage, and optimize their many investments. This is because the service is equipped with built-in intelligence. Users can learn how to manage their risks better, find opportunities for diversification, and find hidden fees that they never knew they were regularly paying. Some features help users check if they’re missing or meeting their investment and financial goals.


If you have a hard time keeping track of your monthly bills, Prism is the service for you. This app will keep all your regular bills and invoices all in one place as it carries more than 11,000 billers—so much more than any other app in the market. From smaller utility companies to bigger banks, you can be sure to find whatever financial institution you pay regularly. The app helps users schedule their payments, and they can also set it days in advance to ensure that they will never be late in their payments. This app helps users remove the need to log in to multiple platforms and accounts to pay their bills to different institutions.


Not many platforms and services consider that there are plenty of people who share financial accounts—especially those who are spouses, domestic partners, or just members of one household. This is where the app Spendee comes in. Here are some of the features of the platform that make it perfect for households, families, and other types of communities who have shared expenses:

  • Bank transactions can be imported, and the app will sort into categories every person’s monthly spending.
  • Users also have the option to manually input their monthly expenses to understand where the funds go.
  • There is also a feature for family trips, so the users can create a separate category to help them keep track of their expenses while on vacation.

While technology has certainly wreaked havoc in many aspects of society, it can also be used for so much good when used properly. Find the best apps and platforms to help you reach your financial goals today, and don’t give up until you see results and improvements. Good luck!

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