Christmas Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season

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The holidays are one of the best seasons to connect with clients past, present, and future in a merry and jolly way. Whether it’s to show appreciation to your loyal customers, warm up to new leads, or entice new people to come on board, the holidays have a lot of great marketing potential to boost your business’ performance.

1. Holiday-themed Google Campaign Ads

Google Campaign Ads is an awesome place to go seasonal this year. Whatever industry you’re in or whatever line of business you’re involved with, creating a campaign that targets holiday shoppers using pay-per-click advertising, print advertising, social media advertising, or other similar methods is a great way of boosting your company’s presence and performance.

2. Google Shopping Campaign

Formerly known as Google Product Search, Google Shopping lets shoppers look for and compare products online from different websites. It is a great way to bring awareness to the goods you’re selling. It should not be mistaken as an eCommerce site but rather, an ad platform that allows businesses and establishments to generate traffic on their sites and get leads.

3. Instagram Ads

If your business is not on Instagram, you’re missing out on a lot. It’s the perfect place to make your holiday campaign shine bright. You’ll see folks posting many photos with a wide range of themes like family, pets, flowers, memes, and all sorts of fun stuff. You can join the fray with your own holiday-themed visuals to entice people to visit your site.

4. Social Media Holiday Giveaways

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, or YouTube, having a strong social media presence is beneficial to your business.

For the holidays, you can run a free giveaway campaign to attract people and get as many of them to like and subscribe to your account. Folks love freebies, and you want those follows.

It’s a win-win situation!

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5. Holiday-themed Email Campaign

Incorporating the holidays into your emails this season will probably be one of the best things you can do as far as marketing is concerned. This season is perfect for making a great impression and instilling wonderful memories about your brand in shoppers’ minds, so enticing them with fun holiday-themed emails is a great way to connect with them.

6. Remarketing Boost

For the uninitiated, remarketing is simply using targeted advertising on people who have previously visited and interacted with your site. In slightly technical terms, it is when you cookie your target market or audience to remind them about what they abandoned in their cart or landing page and what else they’re missing out on.

Remarketing is perfect for the holidays because many people are too busy trying to figure out what to get for their loved ones. So if sometime earlier in the year they visited your site and left some things in their carts, you’re giving them a gentle nudge and reminding them about the goodies you have to offer.

7. Emotional Marketing

The Christmas season is a time filled with so many types of emotions. You have families getting together over the holidays. You have other people far from home, celebrating the holidays apart from their loved ones. You have lots of fun and funny things going on. It’s generally a full-on rollercoaster ride of emotions. What better way to connect with people than to utilize emotions to make your target market notice your brand, share your posts, and buy your products? Consider looking into emotional marketing to boost your sales this holiday season.

8. Entertaining and Creative Display Ads

Does your company have an in-house designer or creative director? If yes, then you’re in a much better position than others. If not, then you might want to outsource some creative services to help you get started on some creative and highly entertaining marketing campaign strategies and concepts.

There’s something about creativity that leaves a lasting impression on a person. A lot of the most memorable ads involved great use of creativity and artistry. It doesn’t always have to be flashy or fancy. Some of the most creative concepts are actually pretty simple ideas that are presented in a different light. Either way, your concept just has to come from a sincere and honest standpoint that will resonate with your target market and present your product in a fresh new way.

Don’t miss out on this great season to bring more awareness to your brand. We hope that you can reap the rewards of the holidays and enjoy it with your loved ones!

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