Athleisure: How to Wear This Comfortable Fashion Trend

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Athleisure is a style trend that takes casual clothing and dresses them up to look more elegant. It gained popularity among health-conscious millennials who wanted to be gym-ready after work and vice versa. They combined typical gym clothes — such as yoga pants, running shoes, and hoodies — with corporate pieces such as heels and tailored jackets. This has become so popular that it has inspired luxury brands to release their version of athleisure, from high-end sneakers to activewear made with luxury materials like silk and fur.

If you’re looking to change up your wardrobe with something fashion-forward but still comfortable, then you should consider athleisure. Here are some tips on how to wear this trend like a real fashionista:

Combine Function with Fashion

Athleisure is all about finding a balance between function and fashion. When putting together an outfit, start with a strong base. You want to highlight your activewear with other fashion pieces. If you don’t have anything other than gym clothes, you miss the point of athleisure.

  • Pair your leggings and crop top combo with a tailored jacket or a leather jacket.
  • Switch out your sneakers for heels or ankle boots to make the outfit look more formal.
  • Shop for sports-inspired clothing items for something comfortable but fashionable.
  • Combine sports brands such as an Obermeyer women’s ski jacket, with a non-sports brand such as a Ralph Lauren button-down shirt.
  • Check sales racks for vintage activewear, such as a 90s-style windbreaker, for unique pieces.

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Choose Interesting Materials

Athleisure lets you wear materials that are often absent from a typical wardrobe. Spandex, for example, is uncommon to see in most office settings, but more people are incorporating it into their workwear. See what kind of combinations you can make with different materials.

  • A mesh top over a black sports bra gives you adequate cover. Put a blazer on top to make it more formal.
  • Pair your stretchy leggings with a flowy blouse. Complete the look with nude-colored ankle boots for a bohemian chic look.
  • Wear a cotton crop top with a leather pencil skirt for a balanced look. You can pair this with sneakers or kitten heels.

Consider the Accessories

Athleisure isn’t complete without accessories. With the right accessories, you can dress up a full tracksuit. For this styling to be successful, you have to choose pieces that are in pristine condition. Damaged accessories will bring down the aesthetic value of your outfit.

  • A stylish leather backpack is a good alternative to the typical sports knapsack.
  • Simple gold, silver, or platinum accessories can elevate a plain outfit. Chain-like jewelry, in particular, looks good when paired with activewear.
  • Switch out your scuffed tennis shoes with a new pair of white sneakers.

The most important accessory for any athleisure outfit is confidence. When you are confident in what you’re wearing, it shows in how you carry yourself. You will make mistakes in styling, just like with any other trend. But once you get the hang of it, you might just discover that athleisure is the style trend for you.

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