Increase Sales of Your Product with Smart Coupon Strategies


Discounts are a great way to convince people to buy. But basic discounts are too impersonal. People see the discount and buy, and then they forget about the product. If you want to leave an impression on buyers, you have to increase the level of engagement. This is where coupons come in.

Coupons are not nameless discounts. People have to take the effort of collecting and using them. It makes them better for branding purposes. Here are some ways you can get the most from discounting coupons to increase sales and brand visibility:

Seasonal Coupons Can Rev up Your Seasonal Sales

Certain times of the year will always see a sure increase in sales. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and several other holidays come into mind. Though they provide a large boost in sales, the numbers could be even better. Seasonal coupons can help prime the pump for these sales events. With the right coupons at the right time, people will be more likely to spend money on your products.

Design Coupons for Maximum Exposure

Don’t think of coupons as simple slips of paper. A great coupon is a combination of a great deal with an attractive package. For example, the headline of the coupon should be easy to remember and have an impact. It can be as simple as “Buy One, Get One Free” or a variation of the sort. It should call attention to the deal while showing how great it is for the person using the coupon. Other great touches would be to use your brand logo on the coupon, as well as great visual design so that customers better remember it.

Make Them Easily Available

woman holding a couponOne aspect of coupons that businesses don’t think about too much is how they get to people. The usual way is to have it distributed via newspapers. It wasn’t too long ago that people cut coupons out manually. But nowadays, things are different. You’ll want to provide people with a layer of convenience. For example, your appealing liquor packaging can feature coupons for discounts on the next purchase. You can also send it out as an image attachment in an e-mail. Have the coupon be easily printable and provide a nice discount so that people will take the effort to print it out.

Ensuring the Coupon Delivers Its Promise

The problem with some coupon programs is that businesses don’t update the people in the field about the upcoming offer. The result is that field employees often end up seeing the coupon the first time someone presents it. They then become confused on how to make the discount or offer happen.

If you wish to avoid this problem, then you’ll need to train your staff well before the roll-out of coupons. If your coupon offer extends to products and not stores, you should inform your distribution partners about the discount. This ensures that when a customer shows the coupon, there won’t be any confusion.

Coupons can be surprisingly effective when you use them right. Physical coupons are still a great way to draw in buyers. You only have to be more strategic about their use, and you can experience a great boost in sales, whatever your product may be.

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