4 Signs You Need Remote DBA Services Now

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Database management is a critical aspect of any business. However, not all companies can recognize the need for DBA support until it’s too late. Hence, when you notice these signs, it’s high time to call in DBA services.

Database administrators (DBA) rarely have little on their plate. Aside from keeping everything running smoothly, they are also responsible for data protection, maintenance, backup management, and much more. However, a lot of companies don’t even have a qualified DBA in their IT department. Instead, they rely on under-qualified employees or overextend IT resources.

Here are the signs that you need to hire DBA services today:

1. Resources are being stretched too thinly

In database management, there are a million things to do from routine tasks to MS SQL performance tuning. Apart from the individual processes that need to be done every day, databases require constant monitoring to protect keep it running smoothly and protect it from breaches. Hence, if your IT resources are being stretched too thinly, you might be risking your business for a potentially disastrous issue.

If your IT team spends all of their time doing routine tasks that leave them with no time to do significant projects, hiring remote DBA services can take a huge load off their backs. As a result, the risk of database issues is reduced, and your IT personnel can focus on projects that will help improve your business processes.

2. You have no internal database professionals

For small companies, it’s not always feasible to hire a professional internal full-time DBA that can manage your servers. Hence, some companies opt to use under-qualified employees to stand as the DBA, but they might not be knowledgeable or experienced enough. This setup can work for some time, but hiring an actual professional DBA is unparalleled.

In doing so, you can take the responsibility off of your stand-in DBA so that they can focus on projects that they are qualified to do. At the same time, a remote DBA service that is composed of database professionals can help your business upgrade its IT processes efficiently and effectively.

3. You’re experiencing frequent database outages

Database outages can happen due to a variety of causes, such as disk failure, hardware issues, human error, and more. When they occur, they can lead to data loss and critical technical issues for the company.

When one outage occurs, your internal IT team might be able to handle it by themselves, given that the issue is not too complicated. However, when you experience more than one outage in six months, it might be high time to hire DBA services that can help you prevent another interruption from happening.

4. Your applications are running poorly

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Poor database management can easily translate to poor application performance, which, in turn, can result in reduced efficiency. When your applications are not running up to par, remote DBA services can help you tackle the problem and increase productivity by fine-tuning your database processes.

Whether or not you have an actual DBA on your team, you still need to hire remote DBA services at some point. Even if your current IT team might be able to scrape by with the resources you have now, outsourcing this type of service can help your company minimize the risk of potential issues. Moreover, it can help your company increase its efficiency, thereby improving your business processes.

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