We love to support the authors we publish! Not only do our authors receive an exceptional book and ebook with sales and promotion, but our typical author recieves  speaking events or launch opportunities, and an interview on our show The Author Connection, now at CCTV.  



Publication, & Promotion Services

Everything you need to publish a professional book: Editing, book and cover design, publication, worldwide distribution.

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Marketing Strategy & Sales Services

You wrote the book. Now What? You need a website, a blog, a social media following, press releases, events, and above all, a PLAN.

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Interviews with Authors of Outstanding Books

Learn about the writing processes of our authors and get the story behind the story.

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Merrimack Media's founder, Jenny Hudson, has been in your shoes and loves to help authors publish and succeed. Contact her to find out how she can help you. For information on upcoming workshops for THE GAME CHANGER WORKSHOP, click here.

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Help for Editing, Book Design, and Book Marketing


Our Services

  • Editing
  • Interior Book Design, Cover Design, and Illustration
  • Worldwide Distribution
  • Social Media Platform Design and Implementation
  • Press Releases and Reviews
  • Trailers
  • Wordpress Websites and Blogs with Personalized Training
  • Individualized Marking Plans with Implementaion
  • Catalog and Sales

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Authors Are Saying...

“… I had previously published some books on my own without any help. It was expensive and I wound up with large numbers of those books gathering dust. It turned out I wasn’t very good at promotion. I knew I needed help but most of the self-publishing companies seemed to be saying that they would provide you with information but you were own your own when it came to doing any of the needed tasks and was referred to Merrimack Media.

I  got: a cover for my cookbook, A Dance in the Kitchen, to which everyone responds with enthusiasm; a website, equally well-designed, which allows me to add all kinds of things (additional recipes, essays about food, and a blog which addresses larger issues than just food); press releases; reviewers; a You Tube interview of me talking about the book; business cards; a radio interview; several book fair opportunities; a Farmers Market event; and a connection with a bookstore for a Launch Party. And more. All for half the price I paid out ten years ago for a book less than half the size.

But what I really got was encouragement, confidence (especially around new technology), and an advocate.  Even now, with the book in print and a host of other things lined up, Merrimack folks are still there for me and this project.”

Robert Dove McClellan
Robert Dove McClellan Author of A Dance in the Kitchen, Joyful World Cooking Fusion-world

“I researched dozens of companies in the business of publishing independent authors. I decided to hire Merrimack Media, not only because they consistently publish high-quality books at a reasonable cost, but also for the hands-on guidance and support the team provides authors after their books are published.

While her team of editors and social media people help authors, Jenny Hudson, the CEO of Merrimack Media, creates eye-catching book covers and quality web sites. On many occasions, people in the book industry have examined my book and praised the quality of paper, interior design, binding, only to express surprise to learn the book was independently published.”


Dave Riese

Dave Riese
Dave Riese Author of Echo from Mount Royal Dave Riese

“I want to share the “Wow!” response I get from many people who see my book for the first time. The attractive cover is an immediate draw, followed by more positive comments as they leaf through some of the pages. Merrimack Media’s Jenny Hudson’s creativity is evident in the beautifully designed cover of my recently published book Exploring the Charles River and in the accompanying website ExploretheCharles.com. She has also established a variety of social media for me to use in promoting my book, Exploring the Charles River.”

-Kathleen Rowe

author of Exploring the Charles River


Kathleen Rowe
Kathleen Rowe Explore the Charles

“I’ve had a great experience having my book Sex With a Married Woman published by Merrimack Media, the best publishing experience I’ve ever had.  Jenny Hudson, the owner and publisher, has made it easy.  She really knows her business, taking care of all the steps in the process of getting a book designed, created, published, and marketed.  All I had to do was write the manuscript and send it to her, and she and her team at Merrimack Media created the book and brought it into the world.  Three things I particularly like about working with her: She does everything with enthusiasm, courtesy, and grace; she’s totally straight and reasonable about money; and she responds to e-mails and phone calls within the day, often within the hour.   I’d recommend Merrimack Media to anybody looking for a publisher.”

Robert Alter
Robert Alter – Robert Mark Alter, Author, Sex With a Married Woman

Why Self-Publish?


You Will have your book in 1 - 2 months instead of 1 - 2 years.


You own the rights to your book and it never goes out of print unless you want it to.


You have a lot of control over the content of your book and get a much higher % of the profits.

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Our Team Members



CEO, Founder, Creative Director

Jenny Hudson brings her book production, web, and graphic design expertise to Merrimack Media. She became hooked on the industry after self-publishing three of her own novels by 2008. Since then, she’s helped scores of authors by providing editing, book design, publishing, web and promotion services through Merrimack Media. Her very favorite moment is watching their faces when they first get a first glimpse of their book. Jenny heads an active meetup for writers in the Boston area: The Write, Publish, and Promote Network and gives presentations on self-publishing to associations, conferences, meetings and libraries.



Director of Sales

Writer’s Table Facilitator Social Media Marketing Specialist
A graduate of Union college with a degree in English, Danny has spent years working as a copy-editor, freelance writer and blogger. A follower of technology trends whose reading interests range from the fantastical to the contemporary to the philosophical, Danny loves helping people refine their writing, express themselves, and building a writing community through The Writer’s Table, a writing workshop sponsored through Merrimack Media’s Meetup, The Write, Publish, and Promote Network. Interested authors may join our Meetup to for events and participation in the workshops.Currently Danny provides social media, sales and marketing support for Merrimack Media and is director of special sales.




Jennifer Powell is an editor and writing coach who works with writers at all stages from starting a book to polishing it. She spent nearly twenty years as a journalist, honing her sense of story as reporter working for daily newspapers, including the Boston Herald. She helps writers develop their skills, works with them to get focused and stay focused on their projects, and, when necessary, cajoles them out of writer’s block and helps them achieve their writing goals.



Interior Book Designer/Proofreader

Sue Franco focuses on grammar issues, consistency, flow, and above all, ensuring the manuscript retains the author’s voice. She also has experience editing essays, articles, corporate communications, and web content. She has a bachelor of arts in psychology and a certificate in editing from the UC Berkeley Extension Professional Sequence in Editing program.




An editor, journalist and book author with 12 years’ experience, Elise McIntosh-Levy has a passion for storytelling and a deep affinity for the written word. Through Mark My Memories, a personal biography service, she helps clients pen, polish and publish their memoirs for both public and private publication. Before launching Mark My Memories, Elise worked as an editor/features writer at a daily New York City newspaper for more than a decade. She is the co-author of Unconquered: A Tale of a Girl’s Survival During the Holocaust (Merrimack Media).

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