New Opportunities: How Seniors Use Digital Technology and Benefit from It

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It’s been a common thought of many that elderly people aren’t (willing to get) into digital technology. That’s why when we hear of, say, old ladies playing video games, we find ourselves surprised. But nowadays, it’s actually less surprising than we first think, as a much higher senior population is reported to go online than ever before. The Internet as well as mobile apps are giving them a lot of opportunities, and they’re keeping up with the times.

Better Access to Essential Services

Considering that one difficulty of being a senior is that someone can’t travel as much as they did before, the elderly are finding it convenient to go online to get access to services. It could be for their health, or the news, the weather, as well as government programs and benefits such as a VA loan. They don’t have to go out, as these are brought to their fingertips. It’s possible for some with disabilities to also access these services on their own.

Opportunities to Keep Their Minds Sharp

The Internet and apps present seniors with something new to learn even in the later stages of life. Getting to know the different forms of new technology itself already gives them a worthy challenge. Another way that they can get their minds working is through doing research with search engines, where they can make decisions on which sources are true and should be believed. Yet another method in which they can get mental exercise is video games, where they can test their reaction times and improve their hand-eye coordination.

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Connection With Peers

As mentioned earlier, going out isn’t much of an option for some seniors. Because of this, they have to find other ways of communicating with their friends and distant loved ones. Aside from calling and messaging through their phones, they can also learn to use video conferencing programs, apps, and sites, such as Zoom. This can relieve a good amount of the loneliness and isolation that they feel on a regular basis. Technology may be causing some decline in face-to-face social skills, but it sure can be convenient in connecting those who haven’t seen each other for the longest time.

Form of Leisure

Even seniors need to relieve themselves of boredom. Some of the usual hobbies, such as gardening, knitting, and embroidery, may not be as accessible as they were before because of physical restrictions. Some others, such as reading books, can take on a whole new form, such as e-books, web novels, and even audio books. Even the card and board games that they knew and loved can be played with people who are far away from them. Of course, there are also the modern games that they can also learn to play.

With a rise in the number of seniors getting into digital technology since the early 2000s comes an opportunity for businesses to develop new products, services, and technologies for their use. If you think about it, they have the time and possibly money to spare. All that’s left is to cater more to their needs, such as a need for better visibility options, as well as improved ergonomics.

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