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If we look back at how people traveled in the past, we will be grateful that the times have changed and that transportation is as easy as ever in the present. From walking on foot and riding horse-pulled carriages to driving the first line of vehicles, humans will always seek more comfort, which can only be found in more advanced technology. Today, we cannot escape its influences in our lives, especially in how we travel.

We no longer only use cars to get around. We use trucks to carry heavy equipment, we have sports cars for entertainment and luxury, and we even use custom RVs to bring the comfort of home while we travel. All of these are products of years of technological development to bring about a better experience for everyone. In recent years, we’ve seen automotive technologies that are so advanced. They opened up another world of possibilities to make our lives easier.

Automobile Sensors

Sensors are used to help keep everyone on the road safe. Car sensor technology can detect objects and people near the vehicle and warn the driver when they are close to being hit unintentionally. This also helps drivers park better, especially when it is relatively dark outside and vision is difficult to use.

Smartphone Connection

Smartphones have been integrated into our daily lives without a doubt. We use it for almost everything as our world can now operate digitally without needing any manual or physical work. Entertainment, communication, and business transactions are all accessible with just a tap of our finger, so it’s no wonder that our vehicles can connect to our phones effortlessly.

Before, we only used to charge our phones in our cars using charging ports and play music with an auxiliary cord. But now, we get to use most features of our phones while driving. Making calls and navigating with GPS can be done without needing to hold your phone at all. This can be done by using voice commands that directly control the features of your car.

Keyless Controls

keyless car

While some cars will still need keys to be opened and started, many owners can access their vehicles without an actual key. These vehicles have fobs instead of keys that send low-frequency signals to the vehicle and let the owner enter and start the car. This technology is made to increase car security.

Without a material key to duplicate and without keyholes to pick and start the vehicle, thieves will have a more difficult time successfully stealing a unit. This can be enough to discourage them from even trying to steal your car. But this may also have a downside when the fob fails to work, making it just as difficult to enter your vehicle.

Camera Usage

Cameras have also been used to make driving more efficient. Drivers of normal cars rely on their rearview and side mirrors to safely drive and park their cars. But camera systems for vehicles can make the task easier by showing you the blindsides of your vehicle without having to lean over and look for yourself. This is especially useful for parallel parking and driving in reverse.

Cameras, specifically dash cams, are also being used as surveillance equipment to record any accidents that may take place while driving, just like the ones in police cars but for private use, and look back on the footage later on for legal purposes.

Sustainable Vehicles

Sustainability is one of the focuses of citizens who care about the environment. With most vehicles using fuel to power their cars, we endlessly pollute the air and destroy our environment. We are damaging the atmosphere and making the already present global warming even worse. Because of this, some car companies have created cars the run on renewable resources.

Electric cars are powered by electricity stored in batteries. Some will also have a fuel reserve to use for when the battery dies, but the efficiency of this system can help save the environment. Burning only small amounts of fuel or none at all reduces the carbon emissions of vehicles greatly. This makes the air cleaner and safer to breathe, especially for pedestrians in larger cities.

Our vehicles are here to stay. Motor vehicle companies are doing their best to make transportation and traveling more comfortable and safer for everyone. They are using technology to build better vehicles that have reduced impacts on the environment. But everyone has to do their part, or our efforts may be wasted.

We know of the alternatives like walking and biking so we should always try to use them for the good of everyone. We will experience comfortable living and pass it on to the next generations while they continue to innovate and upgrade the technology we have been using for years.



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