How Industries Use Tech to Keep Up in the Pandemic

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The drastic changes brought about by the pandemic continue to affect our daily lives from the economic up to the social aspect. Many individuals are still suffering; some businesses are ceasing their operations, and more.

There were also lockdowns imposed worldwide, along with social distancing measures. With this, entrepreneurs needed a way to reach their consumers. So over the past few months, various industries have decided to make do with what they had. And that was the power of technology.

Even before the peak of the virus, most of us have already come into contact with technology at some point in our lives. We use this as a way to be up-to-date with important information, to connect with our loved ones, to voice our opinions, and more.

So it was already expected that it would be of great help. Schools made use of this once they started shifting to online classes and many individuals started working from home as well. Eventually, even those who reside in remote areas became familiar with it.

Significant Effects on Industries


The world of sports was one of the most affected industries. Since most events took place outdoors, they had no choice but to cancel or postpone them. From tournaments, competitions, marathons, and more.

And when talking about sports, athletes weren’t the only ones affected. Of course, it has a domino effect on other industries as well. Some events were always televised, so the media was somehow involved. And since there were leagues that have international audiences, the tourism industry also suffered.

However, at present, some events have already decided to push through. But there were still some limitations, such as the lack of an audience.

So the athletes of various sports teams decided to come up with another way to reach their viewers. With the help of social media, some would create accounts and engage with their followers online. At times, they would even post videos, which would immediately gain thousands of likes.

Other athletes also have sponsorships from different brands, so they would sometimes post behind-the-scenes footage. In a way, this allowed them to become influencers off the court as well. Trailblazers in the industry are also gaining more attention at present. Their personal stories are becoming documentaries, with millions of viewers around the world.


As for the business industry, many entrepreneurs are now making use of social media as well. Launching websites, creating accounts, paying for online advertisements, and all that. Before the pandemic, one would only consider digital promotions as an option. But nowadays, that’s no longer the case.

Many companies are already investing more in social advertising to reach their audience. Posting videos alone could already gain the exposure that a business needs. Usually, when you’re scrolling online, you tend to stop if you see a new video or an eye-catching photo. But of course, the content is still something that one should pay attention to. It should contain a message that would stick to the people’s minds and a call to action.

Entertainment and Leisure

Now, when talking about the hobbies we do in our free time, you’d probably have a lot in mind, whether it’s watching games in the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, going fishing in Willowtail Springs in Colorado, and many more. However, circumstances have somehow limited our options. But luckily, with the help of technology, we can still find a way to enjoy ourselves.

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You might be someone who likes to try out different kinds of sports, such as basketball, football, or even golf. It may sound impossible because of the social distancing measures. But some establishments are offering alternatives.

Take indoor golf, for example. Here, you’d get to play as if you’re in an actual country club, all thanks to the power of technology. You won’t need to worry about being in close contact with others as well. This is because business owners see to it that they limit the number of people in the area.

However, sports like basketball and football require more physical contact with other individuals. This is why video games and esports are gaining the attention of many. You can now enjoy the games and activities you love in the comfort of your home. And if you’re the type of person who wants to have a more in-depth experience, you may also give virtual reality a try.

It Will Take Some Time

We’ve all had to make various adjustments in our lives because of the current situation. And with the many changes occurring every single day, you may find it hard to keep up at times. It may take a while before things return to normal. But with the help of technology, things are slowly becoming more bearable.

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